Musician, Musicologist, Educator

"In 2013, after the birth of my second child, I decided that I wanted to create a career for myself that combined all the things I loved to do.  I wanted to be able to show my children that the work I do is something that I believe in; so I combined my guitar playing, singing, songwriting, and musicological research with my interest in alternative education and my love for nature and kids; and created Music by the Season."   - Alison Notkin, 2016

Alison is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.  Her professional background includes composition, performance, music education, and musicological research.  She has been teaching music for over seventeen years, giving private lessons to children and adults, and teaching in preschools, libraries, elementary schools, programs for special needs adults, at outdoor festivals, and to groups of preschool children and their parents.  She has degrees in music from Concordia University (BFA in Music, Jazz/Guitar), Berklee College of Music (DMus, Guitar), and the University of Montreal (M.A. in Musicology). 


Alison's latest recording The Vermont EP includes a recording of Pull The Anchor, one of her composition that was also recorded by The McDades and featured on their Juno award-winning album, Bloom.  She is currently recording an album of children's music.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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