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Music Recordings for Kids

I often hear parents talking about how they're having a hard time finding music to play for their kids that they will like too and not mind listening to a million times! I am in the process of compiling a list of some of my family's favourite recordings here. Please feel free to recommend a recording!

Elizabeth Mitchell

You Are My Little Bird

Sunny Day

Comptines pour jeux de doigts Lauri Prado

Fran Avni

Rhythm and Rhyme Time Artichokes and Brussel Sprouts

Emilie Mover

The Stella and Sam Album

Bananas In Pyjamas

Bananas In Pyjamas, The Album

Welcome To Cuddlestown

Comptines pour compter (mes premier livres-disques)

Fremo/Natalie Tual (Didier Jeunesse)


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