nature themed music classes for young children 

Photo by Freddy Arciniegas 2017

*Special notice 03/15/20: Classes will be suspended until further notice due to efforts by the Quebec government to stem the spread of Covid-19.  Registration has started for the Spring session beginning April 2nd but people will not be required to pay until closer to the start date when we can confirm that the session will be going ahead.

Music By The Season is an educational seasons-inspired group music program founded by songwriter, guitarist, and educator Alison Notkin and designed to get little ones and their caregivers singing songs, moving to rhythm and music, discovering instruments and thinking about music and nature together in a fun and relaxed environment.  

Each seasonal session is made up of weekly workshops that involve singing, musical activities, instrument exploration, and movement. The songs we sing are based on seasonal and nature themes and are Alison's original compositions, children's folk songs from around the world, and songs from, or inspired by the Rudolf Steiner tradition. Props are used to support the songs and often represent sounds, systems, and movements in the music.  Exporation of the xylophone, glockenspiel, ukulele, harp, djembe, large gathering drum, and multiple percussion instruments is done through song and activity. Movement exercises are incorporated throughout the class to provide a fun physical outlet.

Message from Alison: "Music By The Season is a mix of so many of my favourite things including songwriting, nature, kids, community music, guitar playing, singing, and musical research.  I hope you

love these classes as much as I do and that you learn lots about creating music and appreciating our

natural environment."

Alison is currently working on an album of children's nature music set to be released in 2020. Click the link to hear her debut release: The Vermont EP.  

Alison Notkin is an educator, researcher, songwriter and performer.  She is committed to creating songs and curriculum that will inspire in young children and their parents a love and appreciation for music and the environment.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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