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The Vermont EP

A small album of songs inspired by the idea of living in the country.  

Alison Notkin: guitars and vocals
Solon McDade: upright bass 
Guy Donis: banjo 
Aron Doyle: trumpet & flugelhorn 
Dave Grott: trombone 
Jeremiah McDade: violin (on Pull The Anchor) 

All words and music written by Alison Notkin. Produced and arranged by Alison Notkin and Solon McDade. Recorded in Montreal by Jeremiah McDade (Hereijam Studios) and Daniel Cinelli (Planet Studios). Mixed by Daniel Cinelli. Mastered by Harris Newman (Grey Market Mastering). Artwork and design by Zoe Miller. 

2012 Alison Notkin (SOCAN)

all rights reserved

Alison's songs been enjoyed by many children and families and "regular" adults over the years, have been recorded by other artists, sung in schools by elementary school students, and have been used as as theme songs for music programs. They have been described as “absolument charmant” and “doux et sincère” (by Canadian daily newspaper La Tribune) and lauded for their break from the traditional by Sing Out! Magazine (see full coverage here). 

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